Articles by Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves digging into the history and magic of ritual, exploring the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She’s an advocate for marriage equality and individuality. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys easy hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

Check out these 391 articles written by Jessica Levey, Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

391 Articles by Jessica Levey

Check out these 391 articles written by Jessica Levey, Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

66 DAYS AGO | 9.28.2022

These compostable wedding rings gave us a fun ceremony idea…

We love eco-friendly weddings and vow renewal ceremonies! So naturally, we were inspired by news of a unique line of compostable rings created by environment...

67 DAYS AGO | 9.27.2022

How to Get Married in Alabama in 4 Simple Steps

A step-by-step guide to help you plan a wedding or vow renewal to get married in Alabama - including how to find a notary or wedding officiant, choose the be...

68 DAYS AGO | 9.26.2022

Wedding Inspiration from TODAY’s Jill Martin & Erik Brooks’ New York Public L...

TODAY contributor Jill Martin married financier Erik Brooks during an epic wedding ceremony at the New York Public Library earlier this month, and released p...

71 DAYS AGO | 9.23.2022

Stop shaming this bride and her Chicken Officiant, ok?

Let's call it the 'Chicken Officiant Controversy' : Two creative newlyweds are being criticized on social media for having their wedding ceremony performed b...

72 DAYS AGO | 9.22.2022

Cardi B & Offset are latest celebrities to plan sequel wedding ceremony

Cardi B and Offset are getting married, AGAIN! The couple just announced plans to hold a second wedding ceremony, commonly called a sequel wedding or vow ren...

73 DAYS AGO | 9.21.2022

300 couples gather for group vow renewal ceremony in Chicago

300 couples celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in a large group vow renewal ceremony in Chicago this weekend at Holy Name Cathedral. Read about this j...

74 DAYS AGO | 9.20.2022

How to Replace a Lost or Damaged AMM Ordination Certificate

Learn how to replace a lost or damaged ordination certificate from American Marriage Ministries. Your minister ordination with AMM never expires, making it e...

75 DAYS AGO | 9.19.2022

Is it Legal to Get Married on Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are having a moment in the wedding world! Like weed weddings did before them, psychedelic & psilocybin-infused marriage ceremonies are gainin...

78 DAYS AGO | 9.16.2022

New Script! Fall Wedding Ceremony with Reading from “Harvest Moon”

This new fall wedding ceremony script captures the colors, romance, and joyful spirit of the autumn season, with a warm welcome to guests, moment of mindfuln...

79 DAYS AGO | 9.15.2022

How to Include a Smudging Ritual in Your Wedding Ceremony (& Why You’d Want to)

A wedding smudge ceremony is a meaningful way to bless a marriage with lasting love, harmony, wisdom, protection, and good luck. Learn how to add a custom sm...

80 DAYS AGO | 9.14.2022

AMM’s Going to Wedding MBA 2022 - See You There!

We’ll see you at Wedding MBA 2022! The team from American Marriage Ministries is attending this year’s November Wedding Pro Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada,...

81 DAYS AGO | 9.13.2022

Jack & Sally Inspired Wedding Vows from The Nightmare Before Christmas

These Nightmare Before Christmas inspired wedding vows always make us swoon! Read Jack and Sally’s lyrics of love from the Henry Selick & Tim Burton animated...

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