Articles by Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves digging into the history and magic of ritual, exploring the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She’s an advocate for marriage equality and individuality. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys easy hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

Check out these 391 articles written by Jessica Levey, Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

391 Articles by Jessica Levey

Check out these 391 articles written by Jessica Levey, Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator at American Marriage Ministries. The AMM Blog Covers wedding trends for officiants, and more!

31 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2022

Simple Buddhist Chant for Love & Awareness in Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning a Buddhist wedding ceremony? This simple Buddhist chant and incense offering is spoken by the wedding officiant to welcome wholehearted awareness, l...

32 DAYS AGO | 11.1.2022

How to Get Married in an Online Wedding Ceremony in Utah

Want to get married online in a remote wedding ceremony? It’s possible with the help of a Utah wedding officiant. Learn the basics of legal online marriage, ...

33 DAYS AGO | 10.31.2022

Wedding Officiants: This Quiz Tells You Which Muppet You Are, Based on Your O...

A Muppet personality quiz for wedding officiants, based on how you officiate a wedding ceremony! Do couples see you as a Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, F...

36 DAYS AGO | 10.28.2022

¡Nuevo Guión! Un Divertido Guión de Ceremonia de Boda con un Sencillo Ritual ...

¡Hemos agregado un nuevo guión a la biblioteca! Este guión de boda chistoso incorpora historias y recuerdos personales en oraciones, votos matrimoniales clás...

37 DAYS AGO | 10.27.2022

Unique Unity Ceremony with Tarot Reading on Love & Marriage

Ask your wedding officiant to perform this simple 6 card spread, 2 person tarot reading for marriage advice, strengths and challenges in the relationship, an...

38 DAYS AGO | 10.26.2022

This Quiz tells You Which Kind of Wedding Officiant is Best for Your Ceremony

This short 5 question quiz will help you choose the best type of wedding officiant for your ceremony, based on your wedding budget, dream venue, religious or...

39 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

Can you use a marriage license in another state?

Learn how to apply for a wedding license when you live in one state but want to get married in another: If you're planning a destination wedding ceremony in ...

39 DAYS AGO | 10.25.2022

5 Weird Unity Ceremony Ideas for Truly Unique Weddings

Embrace the weird in love and life! From wreaths made of human hair to leaping with your lover over a bonfire, these weird unity ceremony ideas are the perfe...

43 DAYS AGO | 10.21.2022

Un Sencillo Guión de Boda para Utilizar Cuando un Amigo Oficie la Ceremonia

Esta plantilla de guión de boda para un amigo oficiante facilita que una pareja y su amigo oficiante escriban una ceremonia personalizada. Simplemente rellen...

44 DAYS AGO | 10.20.2022

NJ DCR launches initiative to protect marriage equality after 5 towns violate...

N.J. Attorney General announces Division on Civil Rights Marriage Equality enforcement initiative to protect the rights of same-sex, nonbinary, and other LGB...

44 DAYS AGO | 10.20.2022

How to Officiate a Remote Wedding Ceremony in Utah

Learn how to officiate a remote wedding ceremony in Utah, with tips on creating a unique online wedding experience. Utah County’s online marriage portal is u...

45 DAYS AGO | 10.19.2022

10 Alternatives to “You May Now Kiss the Bride!”

Looking for creative wording for the end of your wedding officiant script? Try these 10 non-traditional alternatives to "you may now kiss the bride," to end ...

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