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Summer Survival: 10 Items to Add to Your Officiant Wedding Emergency Kit This Season

Published Saturday, Apr. 24th, 2021

Illustrations by Jessica Levey

From sunscreen to bug spray -- prepare for spring and summer weddings with these smart seasonal items. 




Every wedding officiant knows to expect the unexpected come wedding day. That excitement is just part of the job, and it’s part of the fun of marrying people. It also gives us a chance to shine professionally, because unlike most brides and grooms, we’ve been here before and know precisely what to do -- and when.


We know that mishaps and accidents don’t have to ruin a good time… A well-stocked Wedding Emergency Kit is our secret weapon when wedding dresses rip, suit pants refuse to button, and high heels snap. It’s amazing what a safety pin and some scotch tape can do! 

But every season has its own unique needs, right?


Spring and summer ceremonies are more likely to happen outdoors than winter ceremonies. And although Mother Nature makes an exceptional hostess, celebrating outside adds an extra element (or elements) of unpredictability into the mix. Depending on where you live, you might encounter intense sunshine, strong winds, sudden rainstorms, or even a swarm of cicadas! 


Make sure your summer weddings are all smooth sailing! 

Add these seasonal items to your wedding emergency kit:




1. Sunscreen

Electric-pink shoulders, chests, and cheeks are especially conspicuous in wedding photos! Sun protection is particularly important if you live in an area where most people have spent the winter inside and are likely to burn quickly. Besides, sunscreen is a hero. It protects against skin cancer and wrinkles.  


2. Bug Repellent


Mosquitoes love a sweet face, not to mention shoulders, arms, legs, and ankles. Keep these buzzing vamps and other undesirables off the guest list by bringing an unscented or lightly scented (and low-shine!) bug spray to the party. If you have the space, pack a second all-natural option for children or folks with sensitive skin. 



3. Back-up Deodorant


No one wants to pit-out in their photos, right? 

illustration of deodorant, toilet paper, and a hammer, to add to your wedding officiant summer ceremony emergency kit



4. Anti-chafing powder or balms 


Thigh rub is real! Baby powder works well as an anti-chafing powder, and can keep sweaty thighs (and other parts) from leading to painful rashes and friction burns. It can also prevent blisters from tight-fitting dress shoes. If you have the space, bring a second non-talc option for folks with sensitivities, such as an anti-chafing cream or balm.  

5. Spare toilet paper 

The rustic charm of a state park makes for great photos and great memories, but it also means you could find yourself far from the comforts of a traditional restroom at just the wrong time. Pack some spare toilet paper.

6. Tools 

Outdoor weddings bring the risk of high wind and breezes, rain, and other weather considerations. These can require last-minute venue adjustments… like nailing down a tarp, tying down a tablecloth, or reinforcing a precarious wedding arch or altar. A small tool kit, packed with a hammer and nails, pliers, thumbtacks, screwdriver, and other essentials will go a long way. 



7. Ponchos and Umbrella 


You know what they say about April showers… Not to mention the sudden rain storms of May, June, July, and August in many southern states! Bonus: a cute umbrella also doubles as a parasol to protect against relentless sunshine, and makes an excellent prop for photo ops!

illustration of saline eye drops, allergy medication for sneeze relief, and an umbrella, to add to your wedding officiant emergency kit for summer


8. Allergy Relief

All those beautiful blossoms and budding leaves come with a cost -- allergies! Pack some allergy tablets, nasal spray, and eye drops to help with red-eye, scratchy throats, sneezing, and runny noses. These symptoms don’t just make people miserable, they’ll also show up in wedding photos. 


9. Hairspray

Hot summer days mean battling with sticky, sweaty hair and makeup! This magical spray not only keeps breezy fly-aways in place, it can also double as a makeup setter when better options aren’t around. 


10. Bottled water with electrolytes

The wedding couple might be so busy running around before the ceremony that they forget to stay hydrated. This might not be a big deal on an ordinary day, but when combined with heat, sunshine, and the stress of public speaking, dehydration can have disastrous results, like fainting or dizzy spells. Save their day with the true elixir of life! 



This survival kit was created with the help of AMM Minister Maria Michonski, MDiv. 


Maria is a master of emergency kits, and owns Pride of Place Weddings, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive wedding business based in Nashville, Tennessee. We recently spoke with Maria about her experiences with online ordination, and what it's like to be a queer minister working with queer couples to plan dreamy, one-of-a-kind ceremonies. 


Follow Maria’s wedding adventures on Instagram



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Jessica Levey
Jessica Levey

Lead Staff Writer & Illustrator

Jessica loves exploring the history and magic of ritual, the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. She's an advocate for marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and individuality, and is an ordained Minister with AMM. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys city hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling.

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