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Your Hawaii marriage license appointment is available online… in about 88 years

Published Monday, May. 13th, 2024

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Talk about a long engagement.


Hawaii legislators just passed a law that allows couples to attend marriage license appointments remotely, using a synchronous online service like Zoom or Google Meet to meet with an agent to review their application. The bill has been sent to the Governor and is awaiting final approval.


This update would (eventually) bring the state's application process fully online, expanding the current system which allows couples to complete an application online.


The law won’t go into effect until April 14th, 2112, however… That’s 88 years away, which makes the news somewhat less exciting. 


In the meantime, couples who want to get married in Hawaii can still use the state’s online portal to apply for their license, but they’ll need to schedule an in-person appointment with an agent to review the application before a license is issued. 


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This legislation (House Bill 2435 / SB3124) was introduced by Rep. Scott Saiki [D] in January, 2024. It was passed with unanimous support in the House and Senate (with one member abstaining). Visit the Hawai’i State Legislature website to read the full bill text and amended section: HB2435 HD1 SD2 CD1: RELATING TO LICENSING.

Why is Hawaii expanding their online marriage services? 


Online marriage services of all types became popular at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many states adopted emergency orders that temporarily suspended in-person requirements for marriage license applications and ceremonies. With many government offices closed to limit illness, these remote options served a vital purpose.


They proved so convenient (and profitable) that many states decided to keep some or all of their remote marriage services active after the emergency had passed. 


Some examples include New York’s successful Project Cupid portal, Utah’s fully online marriage ceremony services, online marriage license applications in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Maricopa County Arizona's Online Marriage License Program, and the Marriage License Application online portal. 

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Hawaii legislators aren’t the only lawmakers who have considered expanding their online services in the past few years. Bills in New Jersey and New York were introduced in 2024 with the hope of bringing back virtual wedding ceremonies; Texas passed legislation in 2021 to allow specially-certified county clerks to issue licenses remotely; and so on. 


These virtual services are attractive to all kinds of couples, but they are especially valuable to people with disabilities and members of the military, whose circumstances make it difficult to appear in-person before a clerk. They’re also helpful to couples dreaming of a destination wedding outside of their home state… for example, couples booking vacation weddings in Hawaii! 


When Hawaii’s new law goes into effect, couples who want to get married in Hawaii on vacation will be able to apply for their license and meet with an agent before traveling to the islands. This will likely save the couple time and money, and make the marriage process easier for everyone. 


Learn more about applying for a Hawaii marriage license online by visiting Marriage License Application Online Portal




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How to Become a Wedding Officiant in Hawaii

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