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AMM Talks: Celebrating One Year of Online Wedding Officiant Education & Community!

Published Thursday, Dec. 28th, 2023

Collage shows speakers from 2023's online class series, along with the text that reads: AMM Talks: One Year of Online Wedding Officiant Education

Raise a toast to the wedding officiants & ministers who made AMM Talks a success this year! 



Earlier this year, we launched an online education series called ‘AMM Talks,’ designed to help our ministers learn and connect with each other from the comfort of home. It’s been an amazing success, thanks to all of you! 


This free bimonthly series features short and informative talks by expert officiants from all over the country, followed by interactive Q&A sessions where members of the audience can ask and answer questions. 


During each hour-long event, wedding officiants of all experience levels have the chance to learn new skills from established professionals. We’ve seen new ministers gain confidence in officiating, and veteran officiants pick up new business skills. And we’ve watched officiants from all over the country build community with others who share the call to officiate.


This year, our expert guest speakers covered a variety of valuable topics, including how to market a new officiant business and meet new couples to marry. They gave us the inside scoop on Google business profiles, choosing rates and services, and designing personal websites that work. They gave advice on public speaking, creating ceremonies that flow, and building inclusive businesses that welcome LGBTQ+ couples and families from all walks of life. And they showed us how to be mindful, and how the art of hospitality and kindness are the keys to a rewarding career in the wedding industry. 


Looking back, we didn’t know exactly what to expect when we logged on to that first event in March, or just how much demand there would be for an informal online officiant ‘class’ like this. But it didn’t take long to see that we had created something very special… 


AMM Talks has become more than a virtual classroom – it’s a community!


So without further ado, here are our favorite moments from 2023’s AMM Talks series. We can’t wait to see you again next year, for a new lineup of expert guests and officiant-focused topics! 





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In Review: AMM Talks 2023


Featuring Guest Speakers: 




1. How to Market Your Wedding Officiant Business With a Great Online Portfolio with Officiant Sherri Crawford





2. Public Speaking for Wedding Officiants & Intro to Wedding Stagecraft with Officiant Rachael Tanner 










3. Become an Inclusive Wedding Officiant: LGBTQIA+ Couples, Polyamory & Trauma-Informed Best Practices with Officiant Maria Michonski, M.Div






4. Mindfulness for Busy Wedding Officiants with Rev. Karla Johnston







5. Wedding Officiants & The Art of Hospitality with Officiant Rich Satnam







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