Published: Wednesday, Nov. 27th, 2019

AMM's Minister Ordination Package is a Must-Have!

Simplify your officiant registration process with our pre-filled government forms and step-by-step instructions!

If you’ve just gotten ordained with us, your Minister Ordination Package will get you squared away and ready to perform marriage in no time! Along with a copy of your official Minister Ordination Certificate, this package contains everything you need to get on your way to legally performing a wedding ceremony. Included in your AMM Minister Ordination Package is:


  • (1) Ordination Certificate
  • (1) AMM Minister's Manual
  • (1) Letter of Good Standing
  • (1) Certificate Holder
  • Minister Registration Instructions (where applicable)
  • Minister Registration Application Materials (where applicable)


AMM's Minister Ordination Package |


Being asked to officiate a wedding is truly an honor, but with it comes a significant amount of responsibility. As an AMM Minister and wedding officiant, you are performing a legal act known as the “Solemnization of Marriage.” Don’t get caught without your required credentials when it’s time to perform a wedding!


Know all of your state's marriage laws and Minister/wedding officiant registration policies before you perform marriage


While our Minister Ordination Packages for each state contain some of the same standard documents, any Minister Ordination Packages for states that request specific registration documents (such as Ohio, New York/NYC, Nevada, etc.) will also include these special registration materials! Rest assured that we will make sure you have everything  you need on our behalf to successfully register as a wedding officiant. We work closely with county clerks all over the country, and know exactly which registration materials each state will request.


AMM Minister's Manual is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who just got ordained


We also include a copy of our bestselling AMM Minister's Manual in this package, which has detailed instructions on how to perform marriage ceremonies, and other helpful tips on officiating. Don’t forget: all of your state registration policies are in here as well, so always keep it handy and ready to reference!



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