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The AMM Officiant Who STOLE the Show

Chase stole01
Chase Lee, owner of One Plug Entertainment, looking spectacular in the AMM Stole

If you’re looking to make a statement, or just want that something “extra” to really define who you are and what your role is - there will be no mistaking you as anyone but the officiant when you wear an AMM stole!

Embroidered with our iconic joined rings and three stars, this high quality satin garment fuses AMM’s eye-catching design with Byzantine splendor, for an ornamental garment unlike any other on the market.

Designed to rest comfortably on your shoulders with rounded edging, our Wedding Officiant Stoles are for Ministers that want to draw attention to the importance of their role.

Stoles have long-since been worn by those who perform marriage. Traditionally, stoles are worn with ministerial robes. Choral and religious robes are very similar (the difference being the quality of detail, cut, and material), and simple choral robes are frequently selected by wedding officiants as a cost-effective alternative.

Today, however, you will find that many officiants simply pair their stole with a neutral or solidly-colored outfit.


AMM Minister Chase Lee of One Plug Entertainment: Professional Officiant, DJ, and unofficial stole model


The result is a modern, trendy and highly distinguished ensemble.

And whether you wear your stole just once or a hundred times, knowing how to properly launder and store it will keep it looking as new and photo-ready as the day it arrived in your mailbox.



Laundering Your AMM Stole

• Hand wash only
• Use cold or lukewarm water
• Do not bleach
• Air dry
• Iron wrinkles on low (no steam!)

...and those unity candle ceremony mishaps? Not a problem! To remove spilled wax: place the stole on a flat surface, place a brown paper bag or paper towel over the wax, then press with a warm (not hot!)  iron.  Irons too hot will melt the synthetic fabric. Keep the iron moving to prevent scorching.  (Never attempt to scrape the wax, or remove it with anything abrasive; this will tear the fabric and potentially worsen the stain if it's colored wax.)


Storing Your Stole

• Lay or hang flat
• Keep in a cool, dry place

When it's time to put our stoles away, we like to use those hangers with clips (typically made to clip skirts and slacks) to store them. We suggest folding them lengthwise and clipping them upside-down to keep them crisp, clean, and wrinkle free. 

If you prefer to store your stole without hanging it, you can simply fold it lengthwise and lay it flat in a long dresser drawer or on a dressing table -- just make sure that the area is clean and dry before putting away your stole.


The AMM Stole is available in our store with free shipping!

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