Published: Wednesday, Dec. 15th, 2021

Dallas County Opens New Center for Marriage License Applications

Engaged couples living in Dallas County now have a second location available to apply for their marriage license. 


Oak Cliff Government Center opened in Dallas County, Texas, on Tuesday, as the new home for the Dallas County Justice of the Peace, and the Truancy, Constable and Tax departments. 


It’s expected to be a go-to location for local residents who need to apply for or return a Dallas County marriage license, or to pay taxes and take care of other common tasks.


Previously, couples had to travel to the Dallas County Records Building (at 500 Elm Street) to apply for a marriage license. Now, both locations will provide the service, helping to ease demand caused by coronavirus pandemic delays and the current wedding boom.


The 2-story, 43,000 square foot center cost $33 million dollars to build and was originally scheduled to open in October of this year.


Oak Cliff Government Center is located at 702 E. Jefferson Blvd in Dallas, Texas. 



Get the full scoop in Larry Collins’ article for NBC5 DFW




To apply for a marriage license in Dallas County:


  • Both parties must appear before the county clerk
  • Submit proof of age and identity 
  • Complete the application fully with information for both parties and check all applicable boxes on the form
  • Take the oath printed on the application and sign in front of the county clerk


Learn more by visiting the Dallas County Clerk website




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