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Steven and Natalie Tanzer

Dsc 0249

The Wedding of Natalie & Steven

"This is Steven and Natalie Tanzer! We had fun getting to know each other, real fun! They had me do something I think everyone should start doing and that is, as the officiant, I had my back to the audience during the ceremony. All the focus was on the bride and groom. That's cool. I turned around of course to address the audience when I needed to but I'm so glad the ceremony was all about them. I just attended a wedding and the minister talked about HIMSELF the ENTIRE time .....(continued)"

Officiated by Kammerin Christian Hunt at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, Texas on June 8th, 2019.


Boardmen and Dez Adams

Dsc 0312

The Wedding of Dez & Boardmen

"This is Boardmen and Dez Adams and I'm really excited about them! I've known Boardmen since he was 12 years old when he was in my youth group. You never know when you're a youth pastor whether kids are getting what you're saying! HA. Well Boardmen was listening and I am proud to be a part of his spiritual journey. Dez is so funny. She said she doesn't "like people" and I told her, "Well you at least like ONE"...(continued)"

Officiated by Kammerin Christian Hunt at The Springs in Weatherford, Texas on April 18th, 2019.


Sara & Luis Ramos

The Wedding of Sara Wells & Luis Ramos

"Luis & Sara are an amazing couple who's wedding went off without a hitch! They were amazingly humble, beyond grateful, and wouldn't stop thanking me for helping! We met the day prior to finalize the script & cover the vows, placement, and placement. Wedding day came and was perfect! Luis & Sara reacted well to some simple changes prior to the beginning such as swapping the placement of the bride & groom. I enjoyed the ring exchange the most...(continued)"

Officiated by Kyle James Hetrick at Imperio Reception Hall in West Jordan, Utah on August 31st, 2019.


Love You in the Pouring Rain

The garetts

The Wedding of Tandrea Beasley & Ronald Garrett

"As we stood in the pouring rain the love of this couple overflowed. It was my deepest pleasure to be the officiate of this wedding."

Officiated by Darlene Williams-Prades at National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland on December 31st, 2018.



Two Weddings

The Wedding of Mariah Getty & Oke Obi

"There were two weddings for the same couple that day! the traditional American wedding and the traditional African wedding and both were absolutely spectacular. There were over 150 guests and I love these types of wedding. Everyone was extremely high energy and happy."

Officiated by Darlene Williams-Prades at Contry Club in Monroe, New Jersey on April 7th, 2019.



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