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This is a public directory of AMM Ordained Ministers. If you are searching for a licensed minister and they do not show up here, they are either not ordained with us or have set their profile to private.

AMM ministers play a vital role in making weddings personal, legal, and memorable. Our flexibility and inclusivity allow couples to find a licensed minister in their community and work with them to practice their first amendment rights – including how they celebrate their wedding.



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Minister ID

Johnathan Ragoo Colorado 1332881
Trisha Roberts Ohio 1332880
Lacey Helkenberg Oklahoma 1332879
Adam Dow Maine 1332878
Dezhon Satterwhite Oregon 1332877
Sylvia Lopez-Lozano Florida 1332876
Madison Williams Georgia 1332875
Bobby O'Neal Missouri 1332874
Anamin Rivera Texas 1332873
Sean Spencer Indiana 1332872
Adam Hoffman Indiana 1332871
Jimmy Williams III Georgia 1332870
Zaniya Smith Arkansas 1332869
Raven Stroud Indiana 1332868
Arnold Jones Jr Indiana 1332867
Adrian Carlson Utah 1332866
Nathan Wolff Texas 1332865
Stephanie Willett Florida 1332864
Nicholas Hatzinikolis Ohio 1332863
Aynelise Vickery Alabama 1332862
Charles Holmes Louisiana 1332861
Lawrence Czernik North Carolina 1332860
Darah Pourakbar Florida 1332859
Brittney Primus Pennsylvania 1332858
Gordon Gassner California 1332857
Cynthia Montenegro Maryland 1332856
Thomas Turner Louisiana 1332855
Charles Wood Oklahoma 1332854
Trenton Kranz Wisconsin 1332853
Rebecca Preston Georgia 1332852
Michael Smyth New York 1332851
Lynette Maes Nebraska 1332850
Laci Ward South Carolina 1332849
Lisa Pisano Massachusetts 1332848
Elizabeth Guslawski Florida 1332847
Richard Joreitz Pennsylvania 1332846
Brandon Sanders Texas 1332845
Hannah Winterfield Utah 1332843
GARY ROSENBERG California 1332842
Dilan Derici Marmara 1332841
Zachary Sisum North Carolina 1332840
Connor Lero New Mexico 1332839
Clara Lepro Washington 1332838
Angel Ruiz Indiana 1332837
Anna Lepro Washington 1332836
Hunter Dixon Washington 1332835
Andrea Rosales Alvarado North Carolina 1332834
Chloe Sain Thomason Oregon 1332833
Natalie Foster Missouri 1332832
DON DRAKE SR West Virginia 1332831

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