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AMM Minister Directory

This is a public directory of AMM Ordained Ministers. If you are searching for a minister and they do not show up here, they are either not ordained with us or have set their profile to private.



Active In

Minister ID

Giovanna Schiffer New York 1195674
CECILIA LOPEZ Oregon 1195673
Briley Armstrong Indiana 1195672
Jesse Munsick New Jersey 1195671
Aaron Myers Indiana 1195670
Ericka Cooke Arizona 1195669
JEREMY BROWN Oklahoma 1195668
Kasey Wilfong New York 1195667
Ignacio Perez Texas 1195666
Emma Smith Texas 1195665
Bryan Jew Arizona 1195664
Amy Ranville Michigan 1195663
Jared Carello New York 1195662
William Santos California 1195661
Richard Barton Utah 1195660
David Rothenberger California 1195659
Ronald Barts Florida 1195658
Lita Coleman California 1195657
David Mendelsberg Colorado 1195656
Cayley Land Kentucky 1195655
Cassidy conner Florida 1195654
DUSHYANT GOWDA Florida 1195653
Jamie O'Connell Pennsylvania 1195652
Owen Ridgeley Ohio 1195651
Dustin DeWoody Texas 1195650
Victoria Hawkins Virginia 1195649
jazel diaz Indiana 1195648
Robert Bradley Oklahoma 1195647
Troy Scivally Iowa 1195646
Brian Cline New York 1195645
Latoyi Jackson Washington 1195644
eqtwrwry wrywruw Alaska 1195643
Jacquelyn Vivier Massachusetts 1195642
Giselle Hay New York 1195641
Matthew Wick Missouri 1195640
Blanca Alvarado Texas 1195639
Carrianne Crawford North Carolina 1195638
Homa Mohammadzadeh California 1195637
Alayna Kohloff Wisconsin 1195636
Benny Narron North Carolina 1195635
Genaro Hurtado Salinas California 1195634
Christina Johnson Tennessee 1195633
Heather Benes Tennessee 1195632
Nicolette Castillo California 1195631
Monica J Private Congregation 1195630
Dixon Erwin Virginia 1195629
Angela Duck Ohio 1195628
Custer Cook Maryland 1195627
David Devlin Alaska 1195626
John Sartori Tennessee 1195625

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