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This is a public directory of AMM Ordained Ministers. If you are searching for a minister and they do not show up here, they are either not ordained with us or have set their profile to private.



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Minister ID

Katina Johnson Kentucky 1297539
Teagan Wilcox Wisconsin 1297538
Scott Parsons Indiana 1297537
Brynlie Macdonald Utah 1297536
John Stites II Tennessee 1297535
Michael Baldacci California 1297534
Sandra Cadd Virginia 1297533
Alvin Williams Texas 1297532
Alvin Williams Texas 1297531
Valerie David Arizona 1297530
Marcus Brand Ohio 1297529
Aisha Eugene Connecticut 1297528
Josh Lopatin Pennsylvania 1297527
Helen Chao California 1297526
Austin Hodson Indiana 1297525
Natalia Aguilar Pennsylvania 1297524
Tamika Starks Georgia 1297523
Christy Tubbs New York 1297522
Caleb Rhodes Texas 1297521
Cindy Vilar Florida 1297520
Erin Proud New York 1297519
Christian Johnson California 1297518
Ashley Taylor Georgia 1297517
Bradley Permberton Oklahoma 1297516
Aza Wolfwood Massachusetts 1297515
Timothy Laura Michigan 1297514
Daddy Kat Alabama 1297513
Kevin Montgomery Ohio 1297512
Charelyann Ortiz Colorado 1297511
Frank Micheli California 1297510
Scott Anderson Iowa 1297509
Christian Tyler Salazar Virginia 1297508
Elizabeth Torrens Florida 1297507
Lisa Schubargo Michigan 1297506
Rebecca Crossley Georgia 1297505
Sandy Ramirez Idaho 1297504
Adam Gonzales New Mexico 1297503
Anne Bendel Florida 1297502
John Wasley California 1297501
Hunter Montoya New York 1297500
CURTIS STARK Georgia 1297499
Lenora WILLBANKS Oklahoma 1297498
Yevette Lugo California 1297497
Hunter Macias Texas 1297496
James sprung Iowa 1297495
Anthonie Messer Tennessee 1297494
Douglas Hall California 1297493
Natalie Stark Arizona 1297492
Jude Vail Connecticut 1297491
ERICKA GARBER Washington 1297490

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