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This is a public directory of AMM Ordained Ministers. If you are searching for a minister and they do not show up here, they are either not ordained with us or have set their profile to private.



Active In

Minister ID

Jorge Andino Florida 1314405
Randy Pierce Colorado 1314404
James Albright Connecticut 1314403
Tracey Grantham Missouri 1314402
Brian Larney Utah 1314401
Christopher Larney Utah 1314400
Megan Spears California 1314399
Melissa Krygier Pennsylvania 1314398
Ryan Zimmer New York 1314397
Heather Koon Missouri 1314396
Ruth Kuegah - Toyo Kentucky 1314395
Stephen Gawron Illinois 1314394
Paul Dias Arizona 1314393
Elaine Weldon-Caruana California 1314392
Richard Byrne Texas 1314391
Katrina Woods Florida 1314390
Melissa Fogler Colorado 1314389
Loria Porter Michigan 1314388
Tyler Thompson Colorado 1314387
Emily K Private Congregation 1314386
Kara Lorincz Ohio 1314385
Glenn Conoley Georgia 1314384
Steven Boswell Georgia 1314383
Caleb Bulow North Dakota 1314382
Sarai Andino Florida 1314381
Wade Riker Oklahoma 1314380
Madries Newton Tennessee 1314379
Jason LeClaire North Dakota 1314378
Kelsey Bauer Minnesota 1314377
Michael Ousey Texas 1314376
Suzanne Wooldridge Ohio 1314375
Jacob Grande California 1314374
Michael Battaglia Michigan 1314373
ELLEN DALY New Jersey 1314372
Angela Holtsclaw Indiana 1314371
Tino Johnson Georgia 1314370
Kirby Ezell Georgia 1314369
Warren Gilmore North Carolina 1314368
Hallie Speed Mississippi 1314367
Joshua Daley Florida 1314366
Rebecca Cunningham Michigan 1314365
Amanda B Private Congregation 1314364
Kraig Moreland Illinois 1314363
Taner Hasanoglu Arizona 1314362
Nicole DeRoehn Wisconsin 1314361
Jamie Liu New York 1314360
Jake Herter Minnesota 1314359
Sheri Reddon Texas 1314358
Kerry Lewendoski New York 1314357
Aaron Ketron Florida 1314356

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