Utah Code 30-1-6

Who may solemnize marriages -- Certificate.

30-1-6. Who may solemnize marriages -- Certificate. :::: (1) As used in this section: (a) "Judge or magistrate of the United States" means: (i) a justice of the United States Supreme Court; (ii) a judge of a court of appeals; (iii) a judge of a district court; (iv) a judge of any court created by an act of Congress, the judges of which are entitled to hold office during good behavior; (v) a judge of a bankruptcy court; (vi) a judge of a tax court; or (vii) a United States magistrate. (b) (i) "Native American spiritual advisor" means an individual who: (A) leads, instructs, or facilitates a Native American religious ceremony or service or provides religious counseling; and (B) is recognized as a spiritual advisor by a federally recognized Native American tribe. (ii) "Native American spiritual advisor" includes a sweat lodge leader, medicine person, traditional religious practitioner, or holy man or woman. (2) The following individuals may solemnize a marriage: (a) an individual 18 years old or older who is authorized by a religious denomination to solemnize a marriage; (b) a Native American spiritual advisor; (c) the governor; (d) the lieutenant governor; (e) the state attorney general; (f) the state treasurer; (g) the state auditor; (h) a mayor of a municipality or county executive; (i) a justice, judge, or commissioner of a court of record; (j) a judge of a court not of record of the state; (k) a judge or magistrate of the United States; (l) the county clerk of any county in the state or the county clerk's designee as authorized by Section 17-20-4; (m) a senator or representative of the Utah Legislature; (n) a member of the state's congressional delegation; or (o) a judge or magistrate who holds office in Utah when retired, under rules set by the Supreme Court. (3) An individual authorized under Subsection (2) who solemnizes a marriage shall give to the couple married a certificate of marriage that shows the: (a) name of the county from which the license is issued; and (b) date of the license's issuance. (4) Except for an individual described in Subsection (2)(l), an individual described in Subsection (2) has discretion to solemnize a marriage. (5) Except as provided in Section 17-20-4 and Subsection (2)(l), and notwithstanding any other provision in law, no individual authorized under Subsection (2) to solemnize a marriage may delegate or deputize another individual to perform the function of solemnizing a marriage.

Amended by Chapter 151, 2021 General Session; Chapter 444, 2022 General Session

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