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Utah Code 30-1-8

Application for license -- Contents.

30-1-8. Application for license -- Contents. (1) As used in this section, "minor" means the same as that term is defined in Section 30-1-9. (2) A county clerk may issue a marriage license only after an application is filed with the county clerk's office, requiring the following information: (a) the full names of the applicants, including the maiden or bachelor name of each applicant; (b) the social security numbers of the applicants, unless an applicant has not been assigned a number; (c) the current address of each applicant; (d) the date and place of birth, including the town or city, county, state or country, if possible; (e) the names of the applicants' respective parents, including the maiden name of a mother; and (f) the birthplaces of the applicants' respective parents, including the town or city, county, state or country, if possible. (3) (a) If one or both of the applicants is a minor, the clerk shall provide each minor with a standard petition on a form provided by the Judicial Council to be presented to the juvenile court to obtain the authorization required by Section 30-1-9. (b) The form described in Subsection (3)(a) shall include: (i) all information described in Subsection (2); (ii) in accordance with Subsection 30-1-9(2)(a), a place for the parent or legal guardian to indicate the parent or legal guardian's relationship to the minor; (iii) an affidavit for the parent or legal guardian to acknowledge the penalty described in Section 30-1-9.1 signed under penalty of perjury; (iv) an affidavit for each applicant regarding the accuracy of the information contained in the marriage application signed under penalty of perjury; and (v) a place for the clerk to sign that indicates that the following have provided documentation to support the information contained in the form: (A) each applicant; and (B) the minor's parent or legal guardian. (4) (a) The social security numbers obtained under the authority of this section may not be recorded on the marriage license, and are not open to inspection as a part of the vital statistics files. (b) The Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics shall, upon request, supply the social security numbers to the Office of Recovery Services within the Department of Human Services. (c) The Office of Recovery Services may not use a social security number obtained under the authority of this section for any reason other than the administration of child support services.

Amended by Chapter 300, 2019 General Session Amended by Chapter 317, 2019 General Session, Amended by Chapter 305, 2021 General Session

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