Utah Code 30-1-34

Completion of counseling or education.

(1) The county clerk of a county that operates an online marriage application system and issues a marriage license to applicants who certify completion of premarital counseling or education in accordance with Subsection (2) shall reduce the marriage license fee by $20. (2) (a) To qualify for the reduced fee under Subsection (1), the applicants shall certify completion of premarital counseling or education in accordance with this Subsection (2). (b) To complete premarital counseling or education, the applicants: (i) shall obtain the premarital counseling or education from: (A) a licensed or ordained minister or the minister's designee who is trained by the minister or denomination to conduct premarital counseling or education; (B) an individual licensed under Title 58, Chapter 60, Mental Health Professional Practice Act; (C) an individual certified by a national organization recognized by the Utah Marriage Commission, created in Section 62A-1-120, as a family life educator; (D) a family and consumer sciences educator; (E) an individual who is an instructor approved by a premarital education curriculum that meets the requirements of Subsection (2)(b)(ii); or (F) an online course approved by the Utah Marriage Commission; (ii) shall receive premarital counseling or education that includes information on important factors associated with strong and healthy marriages, including: (A) commitment in marriage; and (B) effective communication and problem-solving skills, including avoiding violence and abuse in the relationship; (iii) shall complete at least three hours of premarital counseling or six hours of premarital education meeting the requirements of this Subsection (2); and (iv) shall complete the premarital counseling or education meeting the requirements of this Subsection (2) not more than one year before but at least 14 days before the day on which the marriage license is issued. (c) Although applicants are encouraged to take the premarital counseling or education together, each applicant may comply with the requirements of this Subsection (2) separately. (3) A provider of premarital counseling or education under this section is encouraged to use research-based relationship inventories.

Amended by Chapter 347, 2018 General Session

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