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1748 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2019

Choosing a Wedding Officiant: What (or Who) Are Your Options?

There are lots of wedding officiant options to choose from when you are planning your wedding. Start with these...

1789 DAYS AGO | 5.28.2019

The 5 Biggest Wedding RSVP Headaches

Watch out for these kinds of guests when you are creating your wedding RSVP guest list.

1824 DAYS AGO | 4.23.2019

Who Should You Invite to your Wedding?

Our definitive guide to who you should invite to your wedding, and tips to decide who you want to attend.

1873 DAYS AGO | 3.5.2019

Choosing Your Officiant Early Can Offset Arguments During Wedding Planning!

What are some steps that couples can take to ensure that their wedding planning process is peaceful?

1891 DAYS AGO | 2.15.2019

Cut Wedding Expenses by Focusing on What Matters the Most -- The Ceremony!

As weddings get more expensive, couples should think about what they really want out of their wedding, and eliminate aspects that don't matter to save money.

A laptop screen showing a mock up of a wedding website home page, with photos of the couple's planned honeymoon, newlywed fund, rsvp details, and more, taken from The Knot wedding website

1901 DAYS AGO | 2.5.2019

Attention Couples: We Reviewed Wedding Registry Websites, and Our Favorite On...

We reviewed the best wedding reservation websites to find the best price and experience, recommended by wedding planners and officiants -- including The Knot...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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Taken from above, this photo shows the top of a desk cluttered with wedding prep items, including gift packages wrapped in brown paper and pink ribbons and flowers, scissors, ribbon, a cup of tea, a pair of glasses, calendar sheets, and a blank notebook with the words 'to do list' written at the top of a page

1961 DAYS AGO | 12.7.2018

Why You Need to Choose Your Wedding Officiant Early

Most couples start looking for a wedding officiant too late in the process to give them time to create the perfect ceremony. Don't make that mistake.

A young woman sits at a desk, writing with a pencil in a small notebook, planning her wedding ceremony. Open in front of her is a laptop, and a tablet. She wears a white tshirt, and behind her is a window with sunlight streaming through.

1978 DAYS AGO | 11.20.2018

Three tips for planning a WTF (Wedding that Fits) Wedding Celebration

Put some thought into the look and feel of your wedding so that you and your wedding planner have a shared vision for the cermony.

A bride laughs, leaning over slightly, next to a groom during the wedding ceremony. She's wearing a white sleeveless wedding dress and a floral wedding crown, the groom is in a light blue suit. Behind them, a wedding officiant in a blue suit and bowtie stands ready to officiate the ceremony. There are two candles lit, ready to perform a unity candle ceremony, and in the foreground are wedding guests.

1979 DAYS AGO | 11.19.2018

Having the Talk: How to Tell a Compelling Story During Your Wedding Ceremony

American Marriage Ministries (AMM) has expanded its online tools to make this task a meaningful yet easy part of wedding preparation.


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