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267 DAYS AGO | 3.8.2022

Will Rhode Island abolish common law marriage?

Rhode Island legislators consider abolishing common-law marriage with the introduction of House Bill H7900.

303 DAYS AGO | 1.31.2022

Would You Officiate a Wedding Outdoors During a Blizzard?

This Rhode Island couple got married outside during a historic winter storm in Providence over the weekend. Would you officiate a wedding in a blizzard?

322 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2022

Rhode Island Marriage Laws Update - One Day Officiant Certification

See the most recent update to Rhode Island Marriage Laws for one day wedding officiant certification, and visit American Marriage Ministries marriage laws li...

497 DAYS AGO | 7.21.2021

Rhode Island approves new one-day marriage designation

A new certificate will authorize Rhode Island adults to perform marriages on a specific day in a specific town, for a fee, as one-day-only wedding officiants.

516 DAYS AGO | 7.2.2021

Rhode Island raised the minimum age to marry -- Which states are next?

Rhode Island became the latest state to raise the minimum age of consent to marry, banning the marriage of minors. Other states, including New York, Massachu...


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