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New York City Marriage Bureau opens its doors (partially), now accepting appointments for marriage licenses

Published: Thursday, May. 21st, 2020

Here’s an encouraging sign that normalcy might be returning to the wedding space: Yesterday, perhaps the busiest marriage license office in the country, the New York City Marriage Bureau, posted on Twitter that it was accepting appointments through October 1, 2020....

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These states are where you can - and can't - get married online

Published: Monday, May. 11th, 2020

Headlines might have you thinking that Zoom weddings are legal across the country, but we're not quite there... yet....

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Skype, Zoom, Livestream: Virtual Wedding Ceremonies Defined

Published: Wednesday, Apr. 29th, 2020

With crowd restrictions and business closures putting a forcible halt to wedding plans, couples are quickly looking to the innovative concept of the virtual wedding ceremony as the solution to their Coronavirus wedding woes....

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Ask AMM: "Can I Perform My Own Marriage Ceremony?"

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 2020


“Hi AMM! I know I can perform marriage in any state for others, but can I perform my own ceremony?”



Proposed New Jersey Amendment to "Authorize Persons Serving Overseas in Military to be Married or Enter into Civil Union by Video Conference or Other Electronic Means”

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 2020

Lawmakers in New Jersey have proposed an amendment regarding marriage by proxy. But don’t worry – this revision will be a good one!...

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Will a Government Shutdown Prevent You From Filing Your Marriage License Or Getting Married? (updated)

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18th, 2018

With Donald Trump threatening to shut down the government if Democrats refuse to pay for his border wall (see update), several of our ministers have reached out to AMM with two important questions. Will AMM ministers still be able to perform marriages during a shut down? And, can the couple still file their marriage licenses?
We have good news for you -- ...


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