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538 DAYS AGO | 11.2.2022

Simple Buddhist Chant for Love & Awareness in Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning a Buddhist wedding ceremony? This simple Buddhist chant and incense offering is spoken by the wedding officiant to welcome wholehearted awareness, l...

600 DAYS AGO | 9.1.2022

New script! Buddhist Wedding Ceremony with Mindfulness Meditation for Guests

New wedding script! This Buddhist wedding ceremony script includes a warm welcome, mindfulness meditation script that invites guests to breathe deeply, and r...

677 DAYS AGO | 6.16.2022

Meditation for Ministers: Align Your Chakras for Wedding Season (and Beyond)

Marriage Ministers & Wedding Officiants: Use these meditation techniques to align your chakras in time for wedding season! Chakra work can help you lower anx...

1074 DAYS AGO | 5.15.2021

Meditation for Ministers: What is Grounding?

Learn about a mindfulness technique called grounding that can help busy ministers and wedding officiants stay present during stressful days -- even when brid...

1123 DAYS AGO | 3.27.2021

Meditation for Ministers: AMM’s Favorite Pink Noise Playlists on Spotify

Ministers and wedding officiants are BUSY this season! Luckily, meditation helps us stay productive, positive, and avoid burnout! Pink noise is great for low...


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