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417 DAYS AGO | 3.3.2023

Will Vermont lawmakers ban child marriage in 2023? New bill passed in House, ...

Vermont House Bill 148, titled 'An Act to Ban Child Marriage,' was passed by House on March 2nd and now heads to the Senate. The bill, which would raise the ...

901 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2021

Guy Fieri might officiate Kristen Stewart’s wedding!

Kristen Stewart just asked Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding to fiancee Dylan Meyers, and the Mayor of Flavortown said yes.

945 DAYS AGO | 9.21.2021

Pope Francis firmly closes the door on same-sex marriage within the Catholic ...

Pope Francis speaks out again against blessing same-sex marriages within the Catholic Church.

1113 DAYS AGO | 4.6.2021

Tennessee Update: The fight to protect the rights of online-ordained minister...

An update from American Marriage Ministries on the fight against Tennessee's discriminatory anti-online ordination law SB 1377 / HB 0213. With information on...

1183 DAYS AGO | 1.26.2021

Maryland to discuss marriage licenses updates, gender neutral language for sa...

Maryland is considering changes to the designations used on marriage licenses, by introducing gender neutral language for same-sex couples. 2021 HB 449

1398 DAYS AGO | 6.25.2020

AMM’s In-person Ordination Tour in Tennessee: A Look Back – and Forward

We reflect on the powerful experience of going to Tennessee one year ago to offer ministers in-person ordination ahead of the state's anti-online ordination ...

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1413 DAYS AGO | 6.10.2020

An Update from AMM on Tennessee's Anti-Online Ordination Law

An update from American Marriage Ministries on the fight against Tennessee's discriminatory anti-online ordination law SB1377/HB0213

1538 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2020

Tennessee Lawmakers move to strip same-sex couples of marriage equality (again)

Tennessee Republicans are once again attacking marriage equality, this time arguing that same-sex marriage is "indecent" and unconstitutional.

1559 DAYS AGO | 1.16.2020

A Catholic Ordination Controversy Underscores the Importance of Online Ordina...

A controversy over Catholic ordinations shows why online ordination available to all is so important in order to guarantee marriage equality.

1749 DAYS AGO | 7.10.2019

Tennessee and AMM: What Lies Ahead?

Online church on developments regarding Tennessee law that barred ministers ordained online from solemnizing marriage in the state


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