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Examples of Wedding Officiant Business Names for Inspiration and Easy Marketing

Published Monday, Oct. 23rd, 2023

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What's in a name? When it comes to naming your officiant business... a lot! 




You’ve decided to take the leap and start your own wedding officiant business – congratulations! Now that you know what you want to do, it’s time to figure out what to call your business.


Here at AMM, we love helping officiants create lasting and successful careers that align with their calling to marry others. That’s why we offer training courses, online ‘how-to’ resources for first time officiants, hundreds of articles with tips and advice, and a library stuffed with sample wedding ceremony scripts. 


And one of the first steps toward a fulfilling role as a professional wedding minister is choosing the business name that will define your ‘brand.’ 


Your business name is very important. It’s one of the first things people will learn about you and one of the easiest ways to market yourself. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be stuck with it for years to come… So choose wisely! 


A good business name is: 


  • Simple (Keep it short and sweet)
  • Easy to remember (Make it memorable)
  • Original (One of a kind, available to register with your state)
  • Emotional (Elicits a specific emotion, like joy or excitement)
  • Personal (Describes your personal vibe)
  • Informative (Describes or hints at what your business does)


With these features in mind, here are a few of our favorite wedding officiant business names (and why they work) to help inspire you.


Still stumped? Use a business name generator or AI assistant: If you’re still stumped after reviewing the list below, consider using a free ‘business name generator’ or AI assistant to get started. We found a couple online resources that use AI to create a variety of options based on the details you provide. The names aren’t always original, but they can help you overcome a creative block. Try this free name generator from Shopify, or ask an AI chat bot like or ChatGPT for some inspiration in coming up with a name!



Officiant Latrice performs a wedding ceremony in front of a decorative wall, holding a microphone as the bride and groom smile and hold hands

Officiant Latrice Roman chose a business name that gets couples excited about marriage, and tells potential clients what she does and where to find her: 'Put A Ring On It Dallas!'


10 Real Wedding Officiant Business Names to Inspire You (and why we love them)


*Click a link to learn more about each officiant's business, and see how well the name describes their personality and 'brand'!


1. Put A Ring On It Dallas!


Why it works: Describes the nature of the business (what it does), has a fun vibe, is emotional (elicits a feeling of excitement), simple, and memorable. It also includes a location in the name, which is even better!


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2. Ralph’s Regal Weddings


Why it works: Simple, memorable, original, and describes the nature and vibe of the business. Ralph’s business offers more than just officiating services (providing day-of coordinating, ceremony prep and staging), which the name hints at. And keeping with the theme, each wedding package also bears a 'regal' name, such as the 'Prince of Wales' wedding package and the 'Princess of Scotland' package. 



3. Witchy Woman Weddings


Why it works: Simple, memorable, original, personal, emotional, and informative, this name has it all! It captures a strong vibe and nontraditional personality, which will help attract like-minded clients that are sure to love the services offered, and creates natural marketing for the business’s ‘brand.’ And because this business is located in Salem, Massachusetts (where witches are a big part of the local history), it capitalizes on location and will appeal to tourists in search of a destination wedding.



Wedding Witch of Salem, photo of wedding officiant Tara, wearing a tiara and reading from a book, surrounded by candles in a soft reddish light

Known as 'The Wedding Witch of Salem,' Officiant Tara McMullen-King created the perfect business name to match her quirky, nontraditional style: 'Witchy Woman Weddings'




4. I’m Your Wedding Guy


Why it works: Original, memorable, descriptive, and hints at the vibe of the business – confident, straightforward, down to earth, and effective. 


Officiant John of I'm Your Wedding Guy tells us that the business name was inspired by his love of "[helping to] create the wedding ceremony that couples have dreamed of!" 



5. Officiant Sherri 


Why it works: Simple, memorable, and describes the nature of the business in a straightforward way. This approach won’t work for everyone (especially those of you with a common name), but it’s a great choice for a local business.


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6. RomCom Weddings


Why it works: Simple, memorable, descriptive, and emotional (elicits feelings of fun, joy, familiarity, and excitement). It's perfect for a Los Angeles wedding business (filled with cinematic Hollywood-style magic), and even elludes to this officiant's experience as a screenwriter for romantic comedies. With a name that uses familiar imagery like this, be mindful of how easy your business will be to search for online – by making ‘RomCom’ one word, this business improved its SEO to stand out online.


Officiant Nico of RomCom Weddings tells us, "As a Rom-Com screenwriter, I help every couple realize they they too have a fun love story!"


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Photo of Officiant Nico performing a fun wedding ceremony, with the groom and bride smiling happily

Photo: Robbie Snider

Screenwriter & Officiant Nico Raineau's weddings are filled with love, laughter, and a unique storytelling style that captures the 'romantic comedy' in every couple's relationship, giving him the perfect idea for his business name: 'RomCom Weddings'




7. Officially Hitched


Why it works: Simple, easy to remember, original, and informative. Plus this name has a great rhythm and flow to it, in part because of the internal rhyme in ‘officially’ and ‘hitched.’ Sweet! 


Watch Now: Public Speaking for Wedding Officiants & Intro to Wedding Stagecraft: AMM Talks with Officiant Rachael Tanner of Officially Hitched



8. A Simple I Do


Why it works: Simple, informative, and describes the vibe and purpose of the business. Although this business offers a full service ceremony, they specialize in smaller intimate weddings, studio elopements, and signings – which their name captures perfectly.



9. Sincere Union Ceremonies


Why it works: Simple, emotional, and describes the nature of the business. This name appeals to couples who want a lasting and authentic ceremony, something ‘sincere.’ 


Minister Ryan of Sincere Union Ceremonies tells us, "Every couple and every love story is unique, and [my] focus is all about honoring the sincerity of the union [I've] been asked to officiate! It felt natural to make that the focus of our brand identity!"



10. Let’s Knot and Say We Did


Why it works: Memorable, original, and personal (authentic). We love a wedding themed pun, and this name captures the fun and unique vibe of this wedding business very well. It hints at the purpose of the business, and it’s creative in a way that clients will remember and want to share with others.



Officiant Rich with the bride and groom in a stunning outdoor ceremony, there are hills and open sky behind them

Photo (cropped): Let's Knot Photography 

Officiant Rich Satnam and his wife Shelby specialize in fun, offbeat, and unforgettable adventure weddings, and chose a name that reflects their energy and enthusiasm: 'Let's Knot and Say We Did' 



Now that you know what goes into a good business name, it’s time to create your own! 



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