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Weddings Officiated by AMM Ministers

Welcoming Together Breanna And William

The Wedding of Foster & Chumley

"This was my first wedding I was nervous it was a small family wedding. Although it was amazing I really feel good behind it because it was my sister and her fiancé she has been with since 2016. They fell in love in high school. She went off to college and he went off to the military. He came back and she finished school. They moved in together and have been since 2016! It was a great experience "

Officiated by Savannah Gabrielle Horton at William and Breanna’s house in Conway, Arkansas on September 26th, 2023.


The time is now.

The Wedding of Matthew Corbett & Genell Flores

"This wedding was a very beautiful event that was done in a casual manner. The Bride was beautiful and the groom was amazing. I am honored to have been asked to officiate."

Officiated by Eva Michelle Lewis at At the couple's home in Perris, Calif. in Perris, California on September 3rd, 0223.


A Wedding in the Cedar Trees

The Wedding of Rylee Miller & Destiny Davis

"The wedding was outside in the country side with the sun behind us. The groom and groomsmen were dressed in white shirts and starched jeans. The bride was dressed in white and carried a bouquet of dried flowers that were fall colors, the bridesmaids were dressed in a fall colored dress. The ceremony was a very simple but traditional ceremony. The couple exchanged vows and rings...(continued)"

Officiated by Jay Lynn Foster at Monarch Meadows in Glen Rose, Texas on September 30th, 2023.


Bringing in Autumn

The Wedding of Nathan John Blegen & Kaitlyn Elizabeth Corelett

"The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Perfect weather and very rewarding to officiate my son's wedding with my new daughter in law. I would love to officiate more weddings."

Officiated by Kelly Irene Shegstad at Backyard in Cable, Wisconsin on September 16th, 2023.


Family Only Wedding

The Wedding of Paige & Jerrod

"Wedding was during COVID restrictions. Small outdoor ceremony for social distancing in bride & groom's backyard. Short, simple & intimate. "

Officiated by Linsey Strolberg Stoppelman at Family's House in Dassel, Minnesota on April 6th, 2020.


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