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106.077 - Issuance of marriage license; waiting period; exception

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Oregon Revised Statutes - Title 11: Domestic Relations - Chapter 106: Marriage; Domestic Partnership

Issuance of marriage license; waiting period; exception

(1) When the county clerk has received the written application for the marriage license from both applicants, and all other legal requirements for issuance of the marriage license have been met, the county clerk shall issue a marriage license which shall become effective three days after the date on which the application was signed by the applicants. The county clerk shall indicate on the license the date on which the license becomes effective. A license shall be valid for 60 days after the effective date. (2) For good and sufficient cause shown, a written order waiving the three-day waiting period provided in subsection (1) of this section may be signed by: (a) A judge of probate of the county; (b) A circuit court judge of the county in which the circuit court judge is not the judge of probate if the jurisdiction of the circuit court has been extended to cover this section pursuant to ORS 3.275; (c) A judge of a county court of the county in which the judge of the county court is not the judge of probate if the circuit court judge does not reside therein; or (d) The county clerk or official responsible for issuing the marriage license.

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