New Mexico Marriage Laws

40-1-11 - Certificate required

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New Mexico Statutes Annotated ? Chapter 40: Domestic Affairs ? Article 1: Marriage in General

Certificate required

A. Before any county clerk issues any marriage license, each applicant for a marriage license shall file with the county clerk a certificate from a physician licensed to practice medicine, which certificate shall state that the applicant has had those tests and examinations as required by regulation of the health and environment department [department of health]. Such tests and examinations shall be made not more than thirty days prior to the date of application for license. The certificate shall state that medical evaluation or that treatment, as indicated, has been made such that there is no bar to marriage, as specified by the regulations of the health and environment department [department of health]. B. The certificate of the physician shall be on a form to be provided and distributed by the health services division [department of health] to all officers authorized to issue marriage licenses and to all physicians within the state. C. The secretary of health and environment [secretary of health] shall make rules and regulations and employ personnel necessary to effectuate the purposes of Sections 40-1-11 through 40-1-13 NMSA 1978. If regulations require a laboratory test, it shall be done in a laboratory approved by the secretary of health and environment [secretary of health]. D. A county clerk shall accept, in lieu of the physician's certificate, a certificate from any other state having premarital laws, if issued within the time limits prescribed in Subsection A of this section and if such laws meet the regulations of the secretary of health and environment [secretary of health]. E. The county clerk shall receive a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for issuing, acknowledging and recording a marriage license and marriage certificate. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) of each fee shall be remitted by the county treasurer to the state treasurer, within fifteen days of the last day of each month, for credit to the children's trust fund.

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