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§224 - Same; information required

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Louisiana Revised Statutes - Title 9: Civil Code-Ancillaries - Code Title IV: Husband and Wife - Chapter 1: Marriage General Principles - Part III: Application for Marriage License - Subpart A: In General

Same; information required

A. An application for a marriage license must include: (1) The date and hour of the application. (2) The full name, residence, race, and age of each party. (3) The names of the parents of each party. (4) The number of former marriages of each party, and whether divorced or not. (5) The relationship of each party to the other. (6) Each party's social security number or a statement by the applicable party that no social security number has been issued to him. The state registrar of vital records and the officiant shall maintain confidentiality of social security numbers. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 44:1 et seq. the clerk of court shall maintain the confidentiality of a party's social security number in an application for a marriage license provided a request is made to the clerk in writing by the party at the time of application. B. The applicant must verify the information to the issuing official by affidavit. C. In cases wherein the parties intend to contract a covenant marriage, the application for a marriage license must also include the following statement completed by at least one of the two parties: "We, [name of intended husband] and [name of intended wife], do hereby declare our intent to contract a Covenant Marriage and, accordingly, have executed a declaration of intent attached hereto." D. Upon request, the state registrar shall provide the information required in this Section to the agency charged with implementing a program of family support in accordance with R.S. 46:236.1 et seq., which shall maintain the confidentiality of the information. E. The failure of the application to contain the signatures of both parties shall not affect the validity of the covenant marriage if the declaration of intent and accompanying affidavit have been signed by the parties.

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