Alabama Code 30-1-17

Correction of marriage records.

(a) When the records pertaining to a marriage are incomplete or inaccurate, the judge of probate of a county in which the marriage license was issued shall correct or perfect the same upon proper petition being filed by either party to the marriage, or someone delegated or authorized by him or her, in his or her name and behalf, giving the names and residences of the parties to the marriage, if known, and if the residence is not known, an affidavit by petitioner or petitioner's attorney that the residence is not known and that diligent effort has been made to ascertain the same, together with a clear statement setting up wherein the record of the marriage should be corrected or perfected. Notice of the time and place set for hearing the application shall be given for at least six days by personal service thereof, if the other party resides in the State of Alabama, unless both parties join in the petition, and in such case the petition may be set down for an immediate hearing. If the other party to the marriage is a nonresident or has absented himself or herself from the state for six months or longer and his or her address is known, then service may be made by sending a copy of the petition by registered or certified mail, with return receipt requested, to the address of the other party. If the address is not known, service may be made by advertisement in a newspaper published in the county where petition is filed by one weekly insertion therein. (b) The judge of probate shall, after the filing of the petition and proof of service is made, hear any competent evidence that may be offered or such as may be required by him, and if he is satisfied from the proof made that the record of marriage in his office is incorrect or incomplete, he may thereupon enter a decree correcting or perfecting the same in the manner prayed for in the petition. (c) The decree made and entered as herein provided shall be recorded in a permanent record in the office of the judge of probate and a copy thereof, certified as prescribed by law, shall be admissible evidence and prima facie proof in any court of the correctness of the facts stated therein. (d) The costs of the proceeding authorized by this section shall be taxed and paid as provided by law in other proceedings in the probate courts of this state.

(Acts 1957, No. 559, p. 778.)

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