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Close up photo of someone holding a carefully folded letter, sealed with wax, with a message that says 'For Lydia'. The letter is folded in an intricate way, called letterlocking, and forms a square.

1188 DAYS AGO | 3.17.2021

Give Your Love Letter Ceremony a Centuries-Old Twist with Letterlocking

Give your love letter ceremony a Renaissance twist with letterlocking! This unique unity ritual adds history, tradition, and visual beauty to the wedding cer...

Illustration of a bowl with painted red hearts along the side, sitting on a gray table surface. Above the bowl are two silver baking scoops, pouring sugar and flour into the bowl as a unique alternative to a sand pouring ceremony for a wedding.

1201 DAYS AGO | 3.4.2021

Don’t Use Sand! -- Creative Alternatives for Your Sand Ceremony

Want to use something other than sand in a sand ceremony? Four creative ideas for custom unity rituals to perform at a wedding ceremony -- for officiants and...

Illustrated cord tied into an infinity knot to represent a unique handfasting ritual

1220 DAYS AGO | 2.13.2021

How to Tie a Handfasting Cord -- The Infinity Knot

How to tie an infinity handfasting knot during your wedding ceremony! Follow these ten easy illustrated steps. Simple diagram with handfasting cord for a uni...


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