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Crowds Grow at Memphis TN In-Person Ordination

Amm memphis

Published: Tuesday, Jun. 25th, 2019

Early Monday morning your fearless AMM representatives drove from Nashville to Memphis, TN, where we were greeted with blue skies and mild weather. It was a great day for outdoor ordination!

When we arrived at Shelby Farms Park to set up, the crowd was already forming. It was our biggest day so far, and on a Monday no less! We met hundreds of ministers and AMM supporters from across the region! Folks had driven in from Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas to prepare for upcoming weddings in the volunteer state.

We heard from all backgrounds and beliefs; Agnostics, Christians, Wiccans, all united in defense of religious freedom and opposition to Public Chapter No. 415. Public outrage is growing, and at every stop we make, the crowds get larger. Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Legislature, can you hear the voice of the public yet?


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The Balkanization of Southern Christianity, Jackson TN

Img 3501

Published: Sunday, Jun. 23rd, 2019

“I’ve looked high and low and I can’t find a place that teaches religion like they did back in Chicago,” AMM Minister Collet Johnson told us. At first, that sounds hard to believe. Jackson is in the “buckle of the Bible Belt.” 81 percent of the population identifies as “Christian,” and 75 percent attend church.

“It’s true,” Collet insisted. “I’ve lived here for two decades, and I haven’t found what I’m looking for.” 

She was fine worshiping at home, but when her daughter got engaged, Collet took matters into her own hands and got ordained with AMM to officiate the ceremony. “I wanted my daughters’ marriage to get started on the right foot,” she said....(continued)

Tags: tennessee-marriage-law, jackson-tennessee, in-person-ordination

Tennessee Ordination Tour Updates: Clarksville TN

Screen shot 2019 06 22 at 9.40.47 am

Published: Saturday, Jun. 22nd, 2019

Hey folks! We’re checking in from Clarksville TN, where we just wrapped up the first day of our Tennessee Ordination Tour. Now, we’re heading towards Jackson TN to ordain ministers in the Madison County/Southwest Tennessee region. Click here for the dates and locations!...(continued)

Tags: tennessee-marriage-law, religious-freedom, clarksville-tennessee, public-chapter-415, in-person-ordination

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AMM to Provide In-Person Ordination in Tennessee for All Ministers affected by New Marriage Law

Amm blog tn

Published: Tuesday, Jun. 11th, 2019

Attention Ministers, Friends, and Family:

American Marriage Ministries is coming to Tennessee to ordain you in person so that you can perform weddings in compliance with the new marriage law that was passed last month! With thousands of ministers stranded by the discriminatory Public Chapter No. 415, we are rising to the challenge because our ministers and the communities they serve are entitled to wedding ceremonies that reflect their values and beliefs, despite what the Tennessee legislature says!

Ministers from our Seattle headquarters will be providing FREE on-site minister ordination throughout the state, where we will answer ALL of your ordination and officiant questions, and offer FREE training materials (while supplies last)!

If you got ordained online, no matter what website you used, and plan on officiating a wedding in Tennessee, this event is for you! ...(continued)

Tags: tennessee-marriage-law, online-ordination, community, networking, in-person-ordination

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