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4 "Pronouncement" Category Articles

417 DAYS AGO | 10.19.2022

10 Alternatives to “You May Now Kiss the Bride!”

Looking for creative wording for the end of your wedding officiant script? Try these 10 non-traditional alternatives to "you may now kiss the bride," to end ...

507 DAYS AGO | 7.21.2022

El Pronunciamiento - 12 Ideas Creativas Para tu Boda

¿Quieres escribir un pronunciamiento de boda creativo, pero no estás seguro de qué cual redacción usar? Deja que estas 10 alternativas te inspiren, desde div...

653 DAYS AGO | 2.25.2022

Write a Personal Wedding Pronouncement Using This Outline

How to write creative wedding pronouncement alternatives using a simple outline: Personalize your wedding ceremony script with this helpful 3 part template, ...

664 DAYS AGO | 2.14.2022

12 Creative Pronouncement Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

Want to write a creative wedding pronouncement, but aren’t sure what wording to use? Let these 10 alternatives inspire you, from funny to formal examples, ge...


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