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1094 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2021

Add one of these Cicada love poems to your outdoor wedding ceremony

Is your outdoor wedding ceremony scheduled during cicada season? Why not embrace it with one of these love poems!

1095 DAYS AGO | 5.19.2021

Platonic Marriage: Why Friends Say ‘I Do’ & How to Officiate These Unconventi...

With platonic marriages on the rise, learn about why best friends get married, whether platonic marriage is legal, and how to officiate these unconventional ...

Close up photo of two small fuzzy white dogs. They are sitting in the grass, cute, panting with their tongues sticking out. Behind them are the bottom of a bride's wedding dress and the groom's legs in a black suit pants, they are holding the dog's leashes.

2006 DAYS AGO | 11.20.2018

Thinking of Walking Down the Aisle Alone? We Asked Former Brides how they did...

Walking down the aisle alone can be a powerful statement during your wedding ceremony. We talked to brides who walked down the aisle for more insight.


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