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The bride and groom kiss on the wedding day, surrounded by a large group of friends and family members lined up for the photo. They are wearing sundresses and casual suits, standing in the sand at the beach. Everyone is turned to face the couple as they kiss, the children jump and cheer happily

952 DAYS AGO | 10.18.2021

10 Micro Wedding Ideas to Inspire An Intimate Ceremony

They’re romantic, affordable, take less time to plan, and gather together your closest friends and family. A look at 10 intimate micro wedding ideas for smal...

1035 DAYS AGO | 7.27.2021

A Katz’s Deli micro wedding?! Do officiants get free bagels?

Take a look at what's on the menu for this Katz's Deli micro wedding, as the NYC icon becomes the latest unlikely venue to emerge in this year's wedding boom...

1082 DAYS AGO | 6.10.2021

Vegas-style weddings are popping up everywhere - Will you officiate one?

Vegas-style weddings and chapels are popping up all across the US. Why wedding officiants and couples alike love this pandemic trend, and why it’s here to stay.

1091 DAYS AGO | 6.1.2021

Country singer Jimmie Allen & Alexis Gale keep things small-but-stylish with ...

Country music star Jimmie Allen wed Alexis Gale in a romantic micro-wedding in Bucks County, Pennsylvania last week. The intimate mid-week ceremony is part o...

Wedding party stands with the bride and groom outdoors on the wedding day. They throw confetti, and the best man pops the cork on a bottle of champagne.

1109 DAYS AGO | 5.14.2021

Officiate a Micro Wedding Like a Pro: Know Your Audience

3 questions that will help you officiate a micro wedding and write a wedding ceremony script like a pro: Know your audience!

1113 DAYS AGO | 5.10.2021

Are These 4 Wedding Ceremony Trends Here to Stay, Or Will They Fade Away Post...

Wedding pro Bethel Nathan predicts what will happen to these wedding ceremony trends in 2021 and 2022 as we head into a post - pandemic future: micro-wedding...

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Illustration of two young children doing a painting project to make wedding decorations. They are holding up their hands, which are covered in paint, and laughing.

1326 DAYS AGO | 10.9.2020

Involve Children in Planning Your Microwedding Ceremony with Seasonal Crafts

Involve children in planning your microwedding ceremony with these seasonal crafts, including decorative wedding masks and twinkle lights for backyard microw...

1390 DAYS AGO | 8.6.2020

The Wedding Officiant's Guide to Planning a Minimony

American Marriage Ministries' guide for wedding officiants to help couples safely plan a minimony style wedding or elopement

1404 DAYS AGO | 7.23.2020

From Virtual Weddings to Minimonies: 2020 Wedding Trends

Let's talk 2020 wedding trends (thanks, COVID-19): virtual weddings, elopements, minimonies, and microweddings

1455 DAYS AGO | 6.2.2020

Can’t book a wedding venue? Consider a micro-wedding, or backyard wedding cer...

With wedding venues becoming overbooked due to the COVID-19 Shutdown, couples might need to get creative with their wedding plans. Learn about backyard weddi...

1846 DAYS AGO | 5.8.2019

Have You Considered a Micro Wedding?

Having a micro wedding is a great way to reduce the costs, and make wedding planning less stressful.


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