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475 DAYS AGO | 1.2.2023

Memorial Ceremony Script with Bubble Release or Flower Floating Ceremony

A sweet memorial ceremony script with sample wording for a bubble release or flower floating ceremony, written by AMM Minister Michelle Rojas. This sample sp...

La foto de cerca muestra un ataúd de color claro con un gran ramo de flores rosas y blancas colocado encima, durante una celebración fúnebre.

702 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Cómo oficiar un funeral o servicio conmemorativo

Aprender a oficiar un servicio funerario o conmemorativo por primera vez, incluyendo cómo planear la ceremonia, escribir y emitir una elegía, que decir y qué...

803 DAYS AGO | 2.8.2022

On the Death of the Beloved: Funeral Poem & Blessing by Irish Poet John O’Don...

This Celtic blessing by Irish poet and priest, John O’Donohue, is a beautiful way to honor a lost loved one during a funeral or memorial service, or on the a...

A christian cross on a grave at sunset

809 DAYS AGO | 2.2.2022

Christian Memorial Service Script with Prayer

Asked to officiate a Christian funeral or memorial service? This simple script includes a candle lighting ceremony for family and friends, a heartfelt prayer...

Close up photo shows a light colored casket with a large bouquet of pink and white flowers placed on top, during a funeral celebration

1012 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2021

How to Officiate a Funeral or Memorial Service

Learn how to officiate a funeral service or memorial service for the first time, including how to plan a ceremony, write and deliver a eulogy, what to say an...

1090 DAYS AGO | 4.27.2021

Celebrations of Life: Wild Child Reverend Scarlett’s memorial services honor ...

AMM Reverend Scarlett Mullikin is an LGBTQ wedding officiant who creates meaningful, authentic memorial services and ceremonies for fellow free-spirits, hono...

Asked to Officiate a Wedding?

Follow these simple steps to perform marriage for friends and family.

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Purple flowers next to a candle at a memorial service

1203 DAYS AGO | 1.4.2021

A Simple Funeral Service Script with Candle Lighting and Reading

Asked to officiate a memorial or funeral service? This simple script includes a candle lighting ceremony for family and friends, and a reading from Mary Eliz...


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