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7 "Memorial Ceremony" Category Articles

333 DAYS AGO | 1.2.2023

Memorial Ceremony Script with Bubble Release or Flower Floating Ceremony

A sweet memorial ceremony script with sample wording for a bubble release or flower floating ceremony, written by AMM Minister Michelle Rojas. This sample sp...

560 DAYS AGO | 5.20.2022

Cómo oficiar un funeral o servicio conmemorativo

Aprender a oficiar un servicio funerario o conmemorativo por primera vez, incluyendo cómo planear la ceremonia, escribir y emitir una elegía, que decir y qué...

661 DAYS AGO | 2.8.2022

On the Death of the Beloved: Funeral Poem & Blessing by Irish Poet John O’Don...

This Celtic blessing by Irish poet and priest, John O’Donohue, is a beautiful way to honor a lost loved one during a funeral or memorial service, or on the a...

667 DAYS AGO | 2.2.2022

Christian Memorial Service Script with Prayer

Asked to officiate a Christian funeral or memorial service? This simple script includes a candle lighting ceremony for family and friends, a heartfelt prayer...

870 DAYS AGO | 7.14.2021

How to Officiate a Funeral or Memorial Service

Learn how to officiate a funeral service or memorial service for the first time, including how to plan a ceremony, write and deliver a eulogy, what to say an...

948 DAYS AGO | 4.27.2021

Celebrations of Life: Wild Child Reverend Scarlett’s memorial services honor ...

AMM Reverend Scarlett Mullikin is an LGBTQ wedding officiant who creates meaningful, authentic memorial services and ceremonies for fellow free-spirits, hono...

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1061 DAYS AGO | 1.4.2021

A Simple Funeral Service Script with Candle Lighting and Reading

Asked to officiate a memorial or funeral service? This simple script includes a candle lighting ceremony for family and friends, and a reading from Mary Eliz...


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