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An interracial couple, man and woman embrace outdoors in the sun on their wedding day

11 DAYS AGO | 5.7.2024

New Utah Marriage Law Protects Interracial Couples, In Effect This Month

A new law that protects the right to marry in Utah regardless of race, ethnicity, and national origin went into effect earlier this month, on May 1st, 2024. ...

Sen. Braun sits at a table, resting his chin in his hand. He wears black rimmed glasses and a light tweed jacket with a white shirt and tie. His expression is neutral or slightly pensive as he looks toward the camera

777 DAYS AGO | 4.2.2022

Indiana Senator says states should be able to ban interracial marriage, remin...

Indiana Senator Mike Braun says Supreme Court should not have voted down interracial marriage bans in Loving v Virginia, in a stark reminder that the fight f...

960 DAYS AGO | 10.1.2021

Perez v. Sharp: The 1948 Win for Interracial Marriage that Changed Everything

In 1948, an interracial couple in California challenged the state's anti-miscegenation laws and won. The Perez v Sharp case ended a state ban on interracial ...

1071 DAYS AGO | 6.12.2021

A Look at Loving Day -- A Celebration of Love & Interracial Marriage

On June 12 we celebrate Loving Day - the anniversary of the 1967 historic Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision in support of interracial marriage. Learn...

1706 DAYS AGO | 9.16.2019

Good News Alert: Virginia Counties Remove Racist Language From Marriage Appli...

Virginia will no longer require couples to disclose their race when applying for marriage licenses.

1714 DAYS AGO | 9.8.2019

Lawsuit Challenges Virginia’s Racist Marriage License Application

A lawsuit filed in Virginia alleges that the state's marriage license application is racist.

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