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Look Like an Over-Prepared Superhero: The Five Things All Wedding Officiants Should Have


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Published: Saturday, Jul. 6th, 2019

I live in a world of “Top Five” lists, so when a wedding officiant asks, “What should I have with me at the wedding?” it is natural for me to reply with an easy-to-follow list of the five things all officiants should have with them for a successful wedding.  Not only does this list help you feel prepared, it helps you look prepared and professional.  Enjoy!

1. The Script!


"My scripts have everyone’s lines in them!”, photo by author


How I Fell in Love with Weddings by Planning My Own

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Published: Thursday, May. 2nd, 2019

Just over ten years ago, I did not believe in the institution of marriage, and I never planned on getting married. Now I have been married for eight years, and I am a wedding officiant who works with couples to plan and celebrate their marriage ceremonies. What caused such a paradigm shift in a relatively short amount of time? The short answer is my wife. The longer answer is what my wife and I did together to celebrate our love with our family and friends.

I grew up believing that marriage and love were two separate concepts. Almost every marriage within my family had ended in divorce, and most of the ex-spouses were completely out of the lives of their former partners. I knew love existed and could exist between two people, but I also thought that being married and being in a loving relationship were never the same thing. ...(continued)