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90 DAYS AGO | 2.27.2024

Sample Vows for Polyamorous Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies

Examples of wedding vows & commitment vows for polyamorous celebrations of marriage, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies. These examples will work for sp...

1020 DAYS AGO | 8.11.2021

Polyamorous Commitment Ceremony: Advice for Officiants on What to Say, Where ...

How to officiate a polyamorous commitment ceremony, the difference between polyamory and polygamy, and a sample outline to help you write your ceremony scrip...

1252 DAYS AGO | 12.22.2020

Structuring the Ceremony’s Flow

Use this format to transition & flow effortlessly between parts of a wedding ceremony. Learn how to write, structure & perform a marriage ceremony in 15 - 20...

1272 DAYS AGO | 12.2.2020

What happens during a commitment ceremony?

Learn how to perform a commitment ceremony, what makes them different from a traditional wedding ceremony, and why some couples choose them.


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