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1447 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2020

What is an Interfaith, or Non-Denominational Church?

Find out what an interfaith non-denominational church like American Marriage Ministries believes and how we provide a safe place for all beliefs.

A young couple argues in the background, while an older woman listens in the foreground, her chin resting on her hand. She has a skeptical look on her face.

2024 DAYS AGO | 12.9.2018

Wedding Ceremony Tips: How to Compromise with Religious Relatives, for Non-Re...

Some couples want no religion, no matter what the expectation of their families, and that’s fine since the ceremony should represent the couple. However, the...

A bride speaks her marriage vows during a wedding ceremony, smiling towards the groom. Between them, the wedding officiant holds the script in her hands and smiles towards the bride. The photo is a close up on the three faces and torsos, taken with black and white film.

2042 DAYS AGO | 11.21.2018

Your Religion, My Religion, or No Religion - Make Sure Your Officiant Knows!

Make sure to talk with your wedding officiant about the use of religion in your ceremony to make sure you are all on the same page.


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