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1242 DAYS AGO | 2.16.2021

How to Find Out What County a Wedding Venue is In -- Marriage License Tips

As a wedding officiant traveling to a new venue, you might ask: What County Am I In? This is important info for minister registration & getting the correct m...

1261 DAYS AGO | 1.28.2021

Alabama no longer requires marriage licenses or solemnization... What does th...

As of 2019, Alabama doesn’t require marriage licenses or solemnization. We answer common questions facing marriage officiants and couples in the state.

1268 DAYS AGO | 1.21.2021

Can you apply for your marriage license online? It depends.

Wondering how to apply for a marriage license during the covid coronavirus pandemic? You’re not alone. Marriage laws vary by state and even county, but we ca...

1296 DAYS AGO | 12.24.2020

Active duty military personnel may soon be able to marry by video conference ...

Service members will be able to choose a virtual or proxy marriage ceremony in Texas if House Bill No. 675 passes in 2021.

1332 DAYS AGO | 11.18.2020

Don’t get the minister blues… bet on black (ink)

Most counties have requirements about what color ink can be used on official documents. Be a good officiant and use black ink when signing and filling out al...

1358 DAYS AGO | 10.23.2020

No marriage license, no marriage… but maybe a misdemeanor?

There are legal marriage license handling requirements. Learn how and when to sign a marriage license, file a marriage license, and make sure your wedding ce...

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A photo of a typical clerk's office, showing a counter with several employees and a sign that reads 'registry division'

2009 DAYS AGO | 1.11.2019

Attention Couples: Read this before you visit the clerk’s office for your mar...

Before getting married, couples and their officiant need to follow these steps in order to get their marriage license.

A newly married bride and groom stand embracing on the shore. Behind them, the ocean, and a large cruise ship in the distance.

2062 DAYS AGO | 11.19.2018

A Wedding Officiant's Guide to Performing Destination and Cruise Ship Weddings

Learn how to officiate a cruise ship wedding and what cruise ship operators require to legally perform a destination wedding.


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