Published: Friday, Jan. 4th, 2019

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This Couple Celebrated a Harry Potter-Themed Wedding -- And It Was Magical!

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On their first date, James and Suzzana discovered that they had something very important in common. They were both huge Potterheads! Forget awkward, James and Suzzana spent hours on their first date chatting about their shared love of J.K. Rowling’s magical series.


When it came time to merge their families, each with children, James and Suzzana wanted their kids to feel connected to the idea of marriage. Forget a church or event hall, this family-to-be wanted their wedding to take place in Hogwarts. James told American Weddings that a Harry Potter themed wedding was, “something we could all get behind.”


We agree!


Thanks to the Sonorus charm, James and Suzzana were cool as cucumbers during their vows.

Once the Harry Potter theme was agreed on, it wasn’t a matter of coming up with enough ideas for the wedding, it was a matter of having too many -- that meant figuring out which elements could be incorporated into the ceremony, and which ones had to be cut.


In fact, they had so many ideas that, “it was a matter of deciding how much we could fit into the ceremony, and get accomplished under a relatively small budget,” James said. “We also wanted to make sure to maintain some elegance and class that we both felt a wedding needed. There had to be a level of sanity that would keep us both from regretting our choices.”


Speaking from experience, for a wedding like this one, the couple needs to have their officiant on board with the theme. Lucky for them, one of Suzzana’s good friends was also a big fan of the Harry Potter series. 


James and Suzzana's Golden Snitch flower girl


“Our officiant was amazing,” James said. “Using the Sonorus charm, he was able to help us ease into our own written vows. And for our vows, each of us used quotes from the movie, along with our own special words.”


Since our goal here at American Weddings is to help future couples plan the best wedding ceremony, we asked James if there was anything he would have done differently.


The ceremony was live-streamed so that the couple’s out-of-town friends and family could experience the magic, but to cut costs, they decided not to have a videographer. As a result, that live-stream video is the only video footage from the day. 



James explained that in order to afford some of the more “pricey Harry Potter touches to the wedding,” the couple’s budget didn’t have room for a full videographer.


“We think about all of the amazing moments that happened throughout the evening, including my social-anxiety-ridden-self rapping to Vanilla Ice alone in the middle of the dance floor,” James told us “It would have been truly awesome to be able to look back and laugh, or smile or to fall in love with all over again.”


Lucky for the diehard Potter fans, they had an amazing photographer. Please enjoy these beautiful shots from this magical wedding.  



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