Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Guide

Become a Wedding Officiant in Raleigh as an AMM Ordained Minister. Learn more about getting ordained in North Carolina, officiant training, wedding ceremony planning, and more.

How to Officiate a Wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina

As the capital of North Carolina, this city is a regional mecca for arts and entertainment. If you live here, you’re well aware of that, but out-of-towners will be impressed by all the city has to offer in terms of venues and activities, as well as scenery and history along the way. Raleigh is a magical place to start your new life together. 

The purpose of this article is to get you the fast facts about getting ordained, applying for a marriage license, and even other information about the legal process required prior to getting married. Once we’ve covered that, we’ll start acquainting you with everything else that Raleigh has to offer couples on their big day.

North Carolina Wedding Tips and Tricks

Become a Wedding Officiant

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Wedding Officiant

Step 1: Get Ordained with the American Marriage Ministries


According to North Carolina marriage law, the following individuals are allowed to legally officiate marriage in the state:

  • Religious persons of any denomination
  • Judges
  • Justices of the peace

If you aren’t on that list yet, it’s time for you to get ordained, which you can do right here on this website. The process only takes a few minutes, and legally empowers you to perform weddings anywhere in the US, including Raleigh NC. 


Although you are not required to present documentation as proof of ordination in the State of North Carolina, it is still a good idea to have your papers on hand in case a county clerk asks for them or you decide to officiate a wedding in a state where they are required. All the materials you need can be found in our Minister Ordination Package


Step 2: Prepare for the Ceremony in Wake County


It’s important to prepare the wedding ceremony well in advance of the actual event so you have time to write, edit, and practice with the couple. 


Our wedding training tools offered here on this website provide tips and tricks that can help you reduce your anxiety, make you confident when officiating a wedding, and deliver a memorable wedding ceremony. 


If you want to take your officiating skills to another level, consider taking our Professional Wedding Officiant Certification Course.


From a purely practical standpoint, it’s a good idea to make sure the couple has the marriage license in hand for at least a few days before the wedding ceremony, and that all the information on it is correct. There’s no waiting period, so once they have the license, the wedding can proceed, but in the busy days leading up to the event, don’t forget the paperwork. 


Step 3: Officiate the Wedding and Complete the Marriage License


As the wedding officiant, your job is to perform the marriage as requested by the couple. That also entails confirming that the couple promise to take each other as married spouses with verbal consent, which is then sealed with yours and their signatures. 


Once that’s taken care of, you have successfully married the couple and you have also completed the marriage! Congrats, now it’s time for the reception.

North Carolina Wedding

How To Get Married in Raleigh

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File for the Marriage License from the Wake County Clerk’s Office. It is the couple's responsibility to register and obtain the marriage license prior to the ceremony. 


Those that want to file for a marriage license are able to do so online here, and then finish the registration at the office located at 300 S. Salisbury St. Suite 1700. 


Remember, you should have these documents on hand when registering for a marriage license:


  • Valid photo ID
  • Social security number
  • $60 registration fee

Wake County Marriage License Info

Important Facts to know before filing for a marriage license in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Issuance Office: 300 S. Salisbury St. Suite 1700
Fee: $60
Waiting Period: None
Expiration: 60 days
Return: by Couple

Raleigh Wedding Tips and Tricks

Wedding Venue and Planning Tips

For The Couple
& Officiant

The Basics


Raleigh, as we mentioned is a cultural hub for the region, so it’s likely to be a destination for more than just you and your wedding party. Make sure that there are no big events or festivals happening in the area during the day of your marriage, or if there are, make sure to get a drop on bookings. With a number of music festivals, markets and more happening throughout the year, being prepared is important. 


There are also a number of great venues for all tastes. If you’re looking for a more rustic venue usually, you might want to consider the Fearrington Barn. If you want something more upscale, the Merrimon-Wynne House fits that description. 




Raleigh has beautiful weather for most of the year, though the temperatures can drop during the winter months. Summers can get a bit muggy too, so just make sure that your venues has an option for older guests that might want to escape the heat. 




We’ve heard that the public transport system in the city is pretty effective, but guests can also drive themselves, since parking is generally available at or near most venues. There are also limo services and other transport services for folks that would prefer someone else drive them to their destinations.

Raleigh Officiant FAQ

Raleigh Officiant & Couples FAQ

For The Couple
& Officiant

Do I have to pay a fee to obtain a marriage license?

Yes, there is a $60 fee for those that apply for a marriage license in Raleigh.


Can I get married right away once I have the license?

You can get married as soon as the license is issued, there is no waiting period once you apply and are approved for the marriage license. 


Does the marriage license expire?

The marriage license will expire within 60 days, so it is important to get married within that time or you have to pay the fee and apply again.


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