North Dakota Officiant Government Registration Requirements

Learn what the marriage officiant registration requirements are in North Dakota. This page covers everything you need to know to legally officiate wedding ceremonies in North Dakota.

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Who can officiate weddings in North Dakota?

" Marriages may be solemnized by all judges of courts of record; municipal judges; recorders, unless the board of county commissioners designates a different official; ordained ministers of the gospel; priests; clergy licensed by recognized denominations pursuant to chapter 10-33; and by any person authorized by the rituals and practices of any religious persuasion. "
North Dakota Century Code § 14-03-09


Are online ordained ministers recognized in North Dakota?

Yes. All online ordained ministers, including those ordained through AMM are recognized in North Dakota.
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Am I as the minister officiant required to register with the North Dakota Government?

The North Dakota Government does not license, register, or certify ministers or wedding officiants. Officiant registration is not required in North Dakota to officiate a wedding.


What North Dakota office handles officiant registration?

The North Dakota Government does not have any office that licenses, registers, or certifies wedding officiants.


How old do I have to be to officiate a wedding in North Dakota?

All Wedding Officiants in North Dakota must be at least 18 years old.


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What are the Wedding Officiant Registration Requirements in North Dakota?

You may be surprised to hear this, but wedding officiants in North Dakota are not required to register with any government office prior to performing marriage. The North Dakota State Government has no laws requiring officiant registration or office dedicated to the registration of wedding officiants.

North Dakota does have a law (North Dakota Century Code 14-03-09) that specifies who can solemnize marriage. This includes all ministers, including online ordained ministers of American Marriage Ministries. However, there are no laws, offices, or procedures requiring officiants to register with any government office.

Simply put, once you are an online ordained minister of American Marriage Ministries you immediately have the legal ability to officiate weddings anywhere in North Dakota. If you have been asked to officiate a wedding in North Dakota, Get ordained with AMM today!

Ordination with AMM is fast, free, and simple. To learn more about getting ordained in North Dakota with AMM, check out our Get Ordained in North Dakota page.

Keep Records of Your Ministry Credentials

Though there are no officiant registration requirements in North Dakota, you must be an ordained minister to be able to legally perform marriage. Local regulations in North Dakota stipulate that wedding officiants under the designation of “Minister” be ordained by a religious organization, such as American Marriage Ministries.

While you are not required to register with any North Dakota government office as a wedding officiant, it is a good idea to keep personal records of your official Ministry Credentials. Proof of your ordination is essential in the event that the couple, government officials, or the wedding venue request to see proof of your ordination.

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