Wyoming Code 20-1-105

Judge may order license issued.

Judge may order license issued ::: (a) If any county clerk refuses to issue a license to marry, or in case of circumstances arising which would necessitate the waiver of any one (1) or more of the requirements of W.S. 20-1-102 and 20-1-103(b) and (c), either applicant for the license may apply to the district court of the county for the issuance of a license without compliance with one (1) or more of those requirements. If the judge finds that a license should be issued, or such circumstances exist that it is proper that any one (1) or more of the requirements should be waived, the judge may order in writing the issuance of the license. Upon the order of the judge being filed with the county clerk, the county clerk shall issue the license at the time specified in the order. No fee or court costs shall be charged or taxed for the order. (b) If either party is sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age, the parents or guardians may apply to any judge of a court of record in the county of residence of the person sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age for an order authorizing the marriage and directing the issuance of a marriage license. If the judge believes it advisable, he shall enter an order authorizing the marriage and directing the county clerk to issue a license. Upon filing of a certified copy of the order with the county clerk, the county clerk shall issue a license and endorse thereon the fact of the issuance of the order. No person authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in Wyoming shall perform any marriage ceremony if either party is under the age of sixteen (16) years (c) Before issuing the order provided by this section the judge may require affidavits or other proof of the competency of the parties or of any other facts necessitating or making the order advisable. The order may be in substantially the following form: I , the undersigned , a judge of the court, a court of record in and for county, Wyoming, hereby order that a marriage license may issue to of (address) and of (address) on the day of (year) Date:

Laws 1975, ch. 61, § 1; W.S. 1957, §§ 20-8.1, 20-8.2; Laws 1977, ch. 152, § 1; Rev. W.S. 1957, § 20-1-105; Laws 1999, ch. 150, § 2; 2002 Sp. Sess., ch. 45, § 1.; Amended by HB0007 2023

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