Wyoming Marriage Laws

20-1-103 - License; required

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Wyoming Code ? Title 20: Domestic Relations ? Chapter 1: Husband and Wife ? Article 1: Creation of Marriage

License; required

(a) Before solemnization of any marriage in this state, a marriage license shall be obtained from a Wyoming county clerk. (b) Application for a marriage license shall be made by one (1) of the parties to the marriage before the license is issued. Upon receipt of an application, the county clerk shall ascertain by the testimony of a competent witness and the applicant, the names, the social security numbers of the parties who have valid social security numbers, residences and ages of the parties and whether there is any legal impediment to the parties entering into the marriage contract according to the laws of the state of their residence. The clerk shall enter the facts ascertained in a book kept by him for that purpose, except for the social security numbers which shall be provided to the state office of vital records and not made a part of the county public record. He may issue a license to marry and shall date the license on the date of issuance except as otherwise provided. (c) Unless there is an order to waive the requirements of this section by a judge of a court of record in the county pursuant to W.S. 20-1-105, the clerk shall refuse to issue a license if: (i) Either of the parties is legally incompetent to enter into a marriage contract according to the law of this state; or (ii) There is any legal impediment; or (iii) Either party is a minor and the consent of a parent or guardian has not been given. (d) A marriage license obtained from a Wyoming county clerk shall expire one (1) year from the date the license was issued if the parties have not solemnized the marriage. The expiration date shall be shown on the marriage license. Upon expiration of a marriage license, the parties shall apply for and obtain a new marriage license before solemnization of their marriage in this state.

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