Rhode Island Marriage Laws

15-2-1 - License required ? Proof of divorce

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State of Rhode Island General Laws ? Title 15: Domestic Relations ? Chapter 15-2: Marriage License

License required ? Proof of divorce

(a) Persons intending to be joined together in marriage in this state must first obtain a license from the clerk of the town or city in which: (1) The female party to the proposed marriage resides; or in the city or town in which (2) The male party resides, if the female party is a nonresident of this state; or in the city or town in which (3) The proposed marriage is to be performed, if both parties are nonresidents of this state. (b) Before any license shall be issued to any person who, having been previously married, has been divorced, the person shall present to the town or city clerk an authenticated copy of the decree granting the divorce.

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