Maryland Marriage Laws

§ 2-502 - Foreign marriage record book; certificate of records

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Maryland Code - Family Law - Title 2: Marriage - Subtitle 5: Records

Foreign marriage record book; certificate of records

(a) "Foreign marriage" defined.- In this section, "foreign marriage" means a marriage ceremony: (1) performed outside this State; and (2) in which 1 or both of the parties were or are citizens of this State. (b) Foreign marriage record book.- Each clerk shall keep a foreign marriage record book in the clerk's office. The clerk shall record a foreign marriage when presented with either: (1) a certificate of marriage signed by the individual who performed the marriage ceremony; or (2) an official certified copy of a marriage record. (c) Certificate of foreign marriage.- On request, the clerk shall provide, under the seal of the court, certification of a foreign marriage in the same manner as the clerk issues certification of a marriage ceremony performed in this State.

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[An. Code 1957, art. 62, § 19; 1984, ch. 296, § 2.]

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§ 2-502

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