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Close up image of a carved 'oathing stone' with a Celtic wedding design

1063 DAYS AGO | 5.26.2021

The Oathing Stone: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Scottish Unity Ceremony

How to plan & perform an Oathing Stone Ceremony, including vows and sample script for modern or traditional weddings. This versatile unity ritual from Scotla...

Illustration of a wedding table with a bowl of small colorful stones, ready for guests to take in order to participate in a wedding ritual stone blessing ceremony. Beside the bowl of stones is a small handwritten sign that says 'Take a stone to hold during the ceremony,' and there is a small vase with pink flowers beside it

1064 DAYS AGO | 5.25.2021

Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding With a Stone Blessing Ceremony

A stone blessing ceremony and wishing stones are a magical way to involve friends and family members in your wedding ceremony. This unique blessing stones un...


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