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A young bride in a white wedding gown smiles while talking on her cell phone, against a tan background.

45 DAYS AGO | 4.5.2024

Can You Get Married Over The Phone? (Plus a Look at Other Remote Wedding Opti...

Learn more about remote wedding options, including whether or not it’s legal to get married over the phone, using online virtual / video-conferencing platfor...

A solider lifts a young woman up to embrace her, outdoors on a neighborhood street in the sunshine. The photo only shows the couple's legs, hers are lifted up off the ground as they hug.

824 DAYS AGO | 2.16.2022

Everything You Need to Know About Montana’s Double Proxy Marriages

Learn about Montana’s proxy and double proxy marriage laws, including the requirements for military partners and residents, the pros and cons of proxy weddin...

1130 DAYS AGO | 4.16.2021

Military Weddings : A Guide to Proxy Marriage, Double Proxy, and Same-day Cer...

Military weddings sometimes need special planning. Take a look at marriage by proxy, double proxy marriage, same-day or last minute elopements, sequel weddin...


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