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A young couple stands smiling for a photo after their civil wedding ceremony

55 DAYS AGO | 4.22.2024

Can You Get Married in Prison? Plus How to Find a Wedding Officiant While Inc...

Learn about the marriage process for prisoners, including tips on applying for your marriage license, scheduling a wedding ceremony or proxy marriage ceremon...

941 DAYS AGO | 11.18.2021

How to Officiate a Prison Wedding in Washington State

Learn how to officiate a wedding for an inmate incarcerated at a Washington State correctional facility, including guidance on visitor dress codes, minister ...

1038 DAYS AGO | 8.13.2021

How to Officiate a Prison Wedding - Performing an Inmate’s Marriage Ceremony

A step-by-step guide to officiating a marriage ceremony inside a state prison, along with answers to common questions to help wedding officiants, inmates, an...


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