4 "Newly Engaged" Category Articles

617 DAYS AGO | 8.16.2022

Will You Marry Me? Romantic Marriage Proposal Songs (That Make Great Processi...

Looking for the best song to propose to? These romantic songs will have your sweetheart saying yes in no time! Then, play these tracks during your wedding pr...

796 DAYS AGO | 2.18.2022

The Wrong Officiant for Your Wedding – Warning Signs of a Bad Fit

Trying to find the best wedding officiant for your ceremony? Not sure what to look for, or look out for? These 5 'red flags' are warning signs of a bad fit b...

807 DAYS AGO | 2.7.2022

5 Questions a Great Wedding Officiant Will Always Ask

If you’re trying to find the best wedding officiant for your ceremony, or want to become a professional officiant yourself, take note: Here are 5 questions e...

833 DAYS AGO | 1.12.2022

How to Get Your Wedding Published in a Magazine or Blog

Everything you need to know to get your real wedding submission accepted and published in wedding magazines, blogs, websites, and social media, by following ...


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