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Two brides exchange rings while a rabbi reads a blessing from the ceremony script during a happy outdoor Jewish wedding

132 DAYS AGO | 2.1.2024

5 Jewish Wedding Traditions & What to Expect, for Couples, Officiants, & Guests

Learn about 5 Jewish wedding traditions that are commonly included in traditional, modern, and interfaith Jewish weddings – from ketubah signing, to the mean...

288 DAYS AGO | 8.29.2023

Conservative Rabbis are still banned from officiating interfaith weddings, bu...

Committee members of the Conservative Judaism movement's Rabbinical Assembly (RA) decided last week to uphold a ban that prohibits Conservative Rabbis from o...

951 DAYS AGO | 11.4.2021

Signing the Ketubah - All About the Jewish Wedding Contract

Learn about the ketubah signing ceremony, traditional and modern Jewish wedding contracts, how ketubah reading takes the place of wedding vows, options for m...

1035 DAYS AGO | 8.12.2021

What Does a Chuppah Symbolize? A Look at the Jewish Wedding Canopy

Learn about the symbolism of the chuppah, the traditional Jewish wedding canopy, and its place within modern Jewish marriage ceremonies.

1444 DAYS AGO | 6.29.2020

Jewish Synagogue moves ordination online to circumvent COVID-19 shutdown

COVID-19 is pushing more and more religious functions online, such as the Jewish Universalist Online Synagogue, which ordained 162 Rabbis and Cantors over t...


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