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4 "Clergy" Category Articles

565 DAYS AGO | 5.24.2022

AMM Minister Raquel Solomon Proves You Can Do Anything You Set Your Heart To

AMM interviews Minister Raquel Solomon about her success as a professional wedding officiant, notary, and course instructor. Raquel has been featured in Forb...

1397 DAYS AGO | 2.12.2020

How to Get Certified to Marry Someone: Ordination, Certification, and Ministe...

What does it mean to get certified to marry someone. Learn about state requirements to perform marriage, and what you need to do.

1403 DAYS AGO | 2.6.2020

Ordination vs. Government License: Do You Need to Register to Officiate Weddi...

Ordination or Government Minister License, learn the difference and what steps do you need to take to legally officiate weddings in your state.

1616 DAYS AGO | 7.8.2019

Choosing a Wedding Officiant: What (or Who) Are Your Options?

There are lots of wedding officiant options to choose from when you are planning your wedding. Start with these...


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